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Iron is Hot (2008)

Loha Garam Hai (Iron is Hot)  tells the story of how people struggle with India's most polluting industry - the sponge iron industry. The 43-minute film presents a picture of an industry allowed to grow unfettered and unhindered by various laws, often with administrative connivance. Through graphics, title cards, data and interviews with people - both ordinary men and women, and rebel leaders - of Sundargarh, Rajgangpur, Siltara, etc., the film makes a scathing comment on the lop-sided concept of industrialisation gained at the cost of human lives, environment, agriculture and livestock.

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KORA RAJEE - Land of the Diggers (2005)

The film is complex and touches upon many issues, ranging from labour migrations in the 19th century to displacement and globalisation in the 21st century. It is a deeply moving film, carried to its conclusion by folksongs that sing first of hope and then increasingly, of sadness and loss. The loss is many-fold: loss of lands, cultures, jobs, access to food and medicines and finally, to that ultimate loss when one is no longer visible.

Award.. Silver Conch MIFF 2006

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